Doe Wiz Apparel was found by Kamar Doe Wiz Lewis. The term Doe came about from the street meaning "Money," and the term "Wiz" short for wisdom. By combining the two terms, we have the name "Doe Wiz" which means "A smart way to get money." Kamar Doe Wiz Lewis was born in Kingston Jamaica and migrated to Queens New York with a passion to make a difference in life. Though times were rough Doe Wiz was convinced there were smarter ways to get money. After trial and error, disappointments and failure, Doe Wiz stumbled upon this concept after attempting college for the third time and finally succeeded. With Doe Wiz success, he imedately turned is focus back to music and fashion by reconstructing his way of doing things and construct a dinamic team that work days and nights delivering maximum customer satisfaction.


Here is why we love what we do...


    We love what we do because we love to see our customers happy and we believe that in each one of our customers there is a Doe Wiz drive; A drive to live up to ones expectations. A drive that says you are tough enough, smart enough, you got what it takes to get what was destined for you. We believe that success is not measured by wealth but by what drives a person to their pursuit of happiness.


Thank you for shopping with us. Hope to see you soon